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Schilder / vd Krogt

BROCHURE : Facsimile-edition Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem

Utrecht 2009
Price: 25.00 euros 
(Excluding shipping) 
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The Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem is the finest contemporary collection of maps, charts, topographical prints and drawings handed down to us from the seventeenth century. Completely intact and presently housed in the Austrian National Library in Vienna, the atlas is one of the most interesting and precious pieces of national and international heritage, and is the result of a lifetime of meticulous collecting and careful preservation over the centuries.

We have worked in the past years to prepare a facsimile edition of the volumes of this incredibly beautiful atlas that pertain to Africa, America & Asia, including the “Secret” Atlas of the Dutch East India Company (VOC).


We have published a luxury portfolio with all information and with eight details of maps and drawings from the facsimile atlases. These details are taken from the real printed sheets of the atlas and give a true representation of the quality of the facsimile. This specimen brochure contains also an order form and is available for 25 Euro.

Book accompanying facsimile edition

A special supplement accompanies the facsimile edition. With the delivery of your order of the facsimile edition you will receive a special publication giving all the background information and the special details about your copy of the facsimile edition. This volume comprises:

  • a preface by Gary Schwartz,
  • an introduction by Gunter Schilder
    and editorials about:
  • the collector Laurens van der Hem by Roelof van Gelder,
  • the publisher Blaeu by Peter van der Krogt,
  • the colouring techniques by Truusje Goedings,
  • the art-historical aspects of the unique drawings by Erlend de Groot and
  • the history of the production of the facsimile edition of the Atlas Blaeu – Van der Hem by Dick Gaasbeek.

And last but not least, a descriptive catalogue with explanations of all maps, charts, prints & drawings published in the facsimile edition.

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one copy of BROCHURE : Facsimile-edition Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem by Schilder / vd Krogt
for the price of 25.00 euros (excluding shipping).
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