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LILY, George

George Lily, who signed his work 'GLA' (Georgius Lilius Anglus).  Lily, an English Catholic, went into exile to Rome as part of the entourage of Cardinal Pole. According to Lynam, Lily may have worked as an "editor of maps issued under the auspices of the Church" (5), associated with the Rome publisher Michele Tramezini.

Lily's most famous map was his 'Britanniae Insulae Quae Nunc Angliae Et Scotiae Regna Continet Cum Hibernia Adiacente Nova Descriptio', dated 1546. Although unsigned, it may have been engraved by Nicolas Beatrizet, and was probably published by Tramezini.  Lily's original is of great rarity, but subsequent mapmakers of the school copied its delineation, without attribution.

Two other maps that bear Lily's his monogram are Pirro Ligorio's 'Vrbis Romae Sitvs...', published by Tramezini in 1552, and his own 'Nova Germaniae Descriptio...', engraved by Beatrizet and published by Tramezini in 1553.

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